Podcast 104: Ready for a fresh start? How to create a home that supports your wellbeing with Michele Akester-Marsh

by | May 28, 2024

Ever found yourself drowning in the disarray of motherhood, where every corner of your home seems to be bursting at the seams with clutter? I, Caroline Thor, was once there too, until I stumbled upon the art of mindfulness and organization. Join me and my special guest, the compassionate holistic self-care coach Michele Akester-Marsh, as we weave through the transformative journey from chaos to clarity. In this conversation, we not only share our personal experiences but also offer up actionable tips for you to navigate the often-overlooked pressures of perfectionism and create a serene sanctuary for your family.

As moms, we’re no strangers to the daily dance between to-do lists and the spontaneous whims of our children. This episode peels back the curtain on how embracing the present moment can fill our days with joy, rather than the stress of unchecked boxes. Michele and I reflect on the magic that unfolds when we align our actions with intention, letting go of rigid schedules in favour of a rhythm that resonates with our family’s heartbeat. We uncover the subtle, yet profound, influence of mindfulness on our home’s atmosphere, and how simple practices can ripple into a collective family effort for peace and order.

Rounding off, we take a candid look at the trap of perfectionism and how redefining our relationship with imperfection can unlock a life of fulfillment.  If you’re yearning for tranquility amidst the whirlwind of parenting and dreaming of a lifestyle that embraces nature’s beauty, this conversation holds the compass to guide you there. Let’s walk this path together, finding freedom in the perfectly imperfect journey of life.

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