Podcast 107: Decluttering with kids? 5 tips and tricks for a tidy family home (even if your kids are tiny hoarders) with Cara Tyrrell

by | Jun 18, 2024

Ever feel like your home is being taken over by toys, clothes, and clutter? Are your kids tiny hoarders, making tidying up seem impossible? You’re not alone, and I’ve got solutions!

In this must-listen episode of Living Clutter Free Forever, I team up with conscious parenting coach Cara Tyrrell to bring you 5 game-changing tips and tricks for decluttering with kids. As a professional organizer, I’ve seen firsthand how overwhelming it can be to maintain order in a busy family home. But with the right strategies, you can turn chaos into calm.

Why wait to teach your kids responsibility? Research shows that involving children in household chores can boost their confidence and independence. Cara and I discuss how even toddlers can take part in keeping the home organized.

We’ll share:

Practical ways to engage kids in tidying up without the usual resistance.
Step-by-step methods to organize family spaces that even little ones can follow.
Creative tips to make decluttering a fun family activity using the KonMari method.
Can you imagine a home where everyone pitches in? With these tips, tidying with kids doesn’t have to be a battle. Instead, it can become a rewarding and collaborative process that strengthens family bonds.

Ready to transform your home into a tidy, peaceful haven? Tune in and discover how to declutter effectively, even with the tiniest hoarders around. Let’s get organized together!

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