PODCAST 16: Organized Relocation

by | Sep 9, 2022

In this episode I take a departure from traditional organizing topics, to talk to Gráinne McConnell about what it is like to relocate a family to a different country. As an expat myself, I know how difficult it can be, and Gráinne has worked in the corporate world, she has started her own business as a life coach, and she has relocated internationally three times, twice with small children. This episode is gold for anyone considering or struggling with relocation, or even just for some amazing advice on how to help kids deal with transitions, and how as a mum you can make new connections! There is something for everyone.

To find Gráinne:
STRONG PATH COACHING – Transformational Coaching For Busy Moms
Instagram @strongpathcoaching
Linkedin @grainne-mcconnell

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