Episode 22 – KonMari® Your Clothes

by | Oct 21, 2022

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to declutter and organize your clothes with the help of a KonMari® Consultant? Well, now you can find out! I have recorded this episode to help you go through all of your clothes, learn how to find out if an item sparks joy or not, what to do with those clothes you decide to let go, and how to reorganize and put away the clothes you are left with. I have even recorded it in a way that means you can easily pause it at each stage while you complete the next task. It will be like having me there with you! Sound good?
To support you I have a clothing category checklist you can download, and also a KonMari Your Clothes 5-Day Challenge. Here you will receive 5 days worth or tips, strategies, diagrams and video support to help you complete your clothing category. 
I hope you enjoy the episode and the challenge. 

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