EPISODE 82: KonMari Magic: Crafting Your Joyful 2024 Vision with Mrg Simon

by | Jan 2, 2024

Welcome to our vibrant journey of intentional living! I’m Caroline Thor, joined by fellow KonMari Consultant Mrg Simon, and together, we’re diving into the power of setting goals for the upcoming year using the KonMari method. Join us as we unravel the magic of decluttering and setting intentions, sharing personal stories that highlight the transformative impact this practice can have on our lives.

We’ll explore the art of envisioning your goals, discussing how this isn’t just wishful thinking but a powerful tool for creating a life filled with joy and purpose. Let’s delve into ‘My Intentional Year: Organizing My Life for Joy and Meaning,’ a planner designed by Mrg to infuse creativity into your strategies, ensuring your living space embodies your passions.

As we approach the end of the year, Mrg and I are excited to unwrap the process of setting a purposeful theme for 2024. We’ll share insights on reflection and the thrill of planning ahead, inviting our audience to contribute their personal themes and journey alongside us. Let’s embrace an intentionally organized 2024, supporting each other’s triumphs along the way! Share your themes with us, and let’s build a vibrant network cheering for each other’s successes!”

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My Intentional Year (my-intentional-year.com)


DESIGNED 2 STICK – Designed 2 Stick Home Page

Coaching classes for those who buy the book: send an email to hello@my-intentional-year.com with your name and email address so Mrg can get you the information for the January 2, 2024 Zoom class.

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