EPISODE 83: Navigating Personal Growth Through Dry January and Lifestyle Changes with Casey McGuire Davidson

by | Jan 10, 2024

As the calendar flips to a new page, so too do our opportunities for personal growth and renewal. I’m Caroline Thor, and I’ve journeyed from being swamped in clutter to embracing a life of thoughtful organization, all sparked by the epiphany that came from a single book. Today, I’m thrilled to share the airwaves with Casey McGuire Davidson, the insightful host of Hello Someday Podcast for sober curious women, to discuss the liberating journey of Dry January and the broader implications of alcohol in our lives. In an conversation, Casey uncovers the often-overlooked effects of alcohol on our well-being, particularly for those of us spinning plates as parents. Together, we offer actionable advice on how to navigate the month with grace and the profound personal discoveries that await when we align our living spaces with our aspirations.

This episode ventures into the mental clarity that emerges from personal challenges, whether it’s a pause from the pour or trialing a vegan diet. I recount my own vegan adventure and how it expanded my world, suggesting that a month-long lifestyle experiment could be just the shake-up you need. We also trade secrets on optimizing our environments to champion our goals, celebrating the unexpected delights of non-alcoholic beverages and the importance of not overloading oneself with too many changes. With a roster of inspiring guests and a treasure trove of organizing wisdom ahead, we’re setting the stage for a year where we not only declutter our homes but also our heads, paving the way for monumental personal transformations.

Casey McGuire Davidson is a life and sobriety coach and host of the Top 100 Mental Health Podcast, The Hello Someday Podcast for sober curious women and gray area drinkers. Casey helps busy women quit drinking and create lives they love without alcohol. She’s a wife, a mom, a practical dreamer, retired corporate ladder climber, recovering people-pleaser and ex-red wine drinker, who’s been known to crawl into bed at 9 pm and whisper “Don’t worry…you’re still a badass” to herself.
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