EPISODE 90 – Do you secretly enjoy organized chaos? Or does a disorganized space overwhelm you? Meet my polar opposite, Jonnie Fielding.

by | Feb 20, 2024

Do you struggle to motivate your kids to tidy? Do you secretly enjoy being surrounded by clutter?

Tune in as my brother Jonnie and I reminisce on our childhood and tidying as kids, as well as his experiences as a stepdad, and how he has had to navigate the difficulties of getting a kid to want to tidy up the mess they make. There are also his tales from Bowl of Chalk, his London walking tour business, revealing how even the most disorganized spaces can inspire the most detailed plans.

As a mom, I’ve been to battle with toys, laundry, and the mysterious items that seem to multiply in every corner of the house. Jonnie and I discuss the art of keeping a home in check amid the chaos of family life, offering up our strategies on maintaining sanity with simple systems and tidying games that make it a family affair.

We discuss how selective organization can mean letting go of perfection in one area to focus on where it counts.

Our quote frankly rambling conversation covers random topics like thank you card etiquette, the privacy of a teenager’s room, and the often humorous mismatch between a parent’s vision and a child’s reality when it comes to room organization.

My brother and I can talk for hours, so advance warning, this is a long episode! (and I cut alot out!)

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