Organized Home

The key to your comfort, efficiency and stress reduction

Professional organizing of your home or individual areas, including storage space optimization

It is for you, if

  • Your storage solutions are inefficient, and you would like to optimize them
  • You don’t know where to begin and feel completely overwhelmed by the task
  • You have just moved and you would like your home to be well-organized right from the start
  • You are going through major changes in your life and your home needs to be adjusted accordingly
  • You need help sorting and knowing where to sell/donate things you no longer need

What you will get

  • A functional space, carefully planned and organized according to your needs
  • Smart and efficient storage solutions, that work for you and your family
  • Guidance and assistance through the whole process, ensuring 100% result

Choose a package:

Organized Home

I will come to your home to tidy and organize your space with you.

Should you need extra storage or storage solution suggestions, I will provide you with a list of products that will complement and optimize the space you have.

A personalized estimate is available on request.

Organized Home +

If time is short and you need a space organized quickly, with your minimal involvement, this is the package for you.

I will make an initial assessment, and acquire all the necessary storage/organizing solutions, then come back to tidy, and reconfigure the space for you.

A personalized estimate is available on request.

Not sure which one to go for? Let me suggest how I can help!

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