Wardrobe Transition Checklist

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You're short on time, and want a quick transformation?

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    Want to Master Seasonal Closet Organization and grab an extra bonus?

    This checklist will help you:

    ✓ Assess Your Summer Wardrobe

    ✓ Declutter and Organize

    ✓ Bring in Fall Essentials

    (And so much more!)

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    I have thrown in a BONUS of a Wardrobe Transition "Don't Forget" List!

    You will start the new season with a wardrobe that makes you feel amazing. PLUS…

    I am going to be guiding and supporting you every step of the way!


    Caroline is a Professional Organizer and certified KonMari® Consultant with over 450 tidying hours with clients under her belt.

    Passionate about helping women simplify their lives, she wants to help you create an organized and tidy home, that is easy to maintain.